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For over 15 years, in collaboration with our Japanese partner, we have regularly organized KaizenTours to Japan. During these tours, we encounter world-class Lean practices in the culture where it originated. The reason we arrange KaizenTours is that we believe Lean work in the West is dominated by the American Management approach. The original practical approach and tool usage have been downplayed to such an extent that one can question its effectiveness."

We aim, with KaizenTour, to focus on the original and fundamentally practical aspects of Lean. We believe that by doing so, one can achieve the same level of effectiveness that the method has demonstrated in Japan.

Why choose KaizenTour!

Think Lean like a Japanese

You'll visit a Dojo and receive practical training in TPS (Toyota Production System) from experienced Toyota experts. It's a unique opportunity to understand the intentions behind Lean, often the highlight of the trip for many guests

Practical Lean in World Class

Japanese have been working with Lean for almost 100 years. We visit 5-6 companies practicing Lean at a World Class level. On each visit we witness it in practice, followed by a Q&A session with the management

Meet the culture that created it

Just as the bonsai tree symbolizes continuous improvement, Lean has grown out of Japanese culture. You'll encounter both the old and the new Japan and gain insights that you can apply to your ongoing Lean work

About  KaizenTour

What does a KaizenTour include?

A KaizenTour typically runs from Monday to Sunday. It starts at Tokyo Airport, where participants (10-15) meet our English-speaking Japanese guide. The program for each tour may vary depending on the visiting schedule of relevant companies

The program is tailored in consultation with the participants. The main elements of a week-long program include:

KaizenTour: Selection of companies that have had participants in previous tours.

KaizenTour 2024


14.4. -21.4  2024


29.9. - 6.10.2024

Price: 4.600 Eur

KaizenTour starts in Japan. The price includes hotels, all meals, transportation in Japan, company visits, Dojo, and any seminars. Additionally, there is a shared sightseeing program and an English-speaking Japanese guide throughout the tour. Upon registration, a deposit of 6,000 DKK is required. The remaining amount is to be paid 2 months before departure - See more about terms and conditions

Why choose to travel with us!

Specialized knowledge

We have a foundation in the Lean world in the last 25 years and have been organizing KaizenTour for more than 15 years.

Our expertise is built on deep professional Lean knowledge and experience


 Strong Japanese partner

Our Japanese partner has over 5000 employees and has close collaborations with Toyota and others, conducting KaizenTours for over 50 years

We are the only ones in Northern Europe

We are the sole organizers of KaizenTour in Northern Europe. The impressions are related to the European context. As a side note, we are also the most affordable option. Others charge over 50,000 DKK for fewer days

Former KaizenTour participants say:

Simon  Jacobsen


The tour provides a unique opportunity for reflection with other Lean enthusiasts. I highly recommend the tour as a stepping stone to reach the next level in your Lean work

Klaus Knappe

Site manager Foss

. A unique insight into the Japanese perspective on TPS (Toyota Production System) and the learning organization... I highly recommend the tour.

Lars Jensen

Konsulent Lars Lean

The tour has been incredibly rewarding. My understanding of Lean was particularly challenged in the Dojo with "Mr. Toyota." At the same time, I established a strong connection to the culture.

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